Pettra Home Design

Artists' hands that make projects come true.

We define what is handmade and detailed. Each of our pieces has a story to tell and is the result of the work of artists' hands, passionate about what they do. This is why we generate fair work for all the talent that brings Pettra to life.

Certified Processes

Located in the city of Querétaro, our factory has 2,800 m2 of high-end furniture and finishes production. We design, manufacture and install our projects throughout the republic. Our processes comply with certifications that guarantee compliance, quality and satisfactory delivery in order to protect and provide security to our customers.

They guarantee us

Quality certifications

We explore the beauty of natural materials

We value the honesty and beauty of natural materials. That is why we carefully select each piece we work with, exploring their natural designs to create unique pieces.

We work with solid woods and natural veneers, engineered panels with polyurethane finishes, high-end melamine panels, national and international fabrics, marble, granite and other natural stones, as well as ironwork in electrostatic finishes and natural or tempered glass.


Marbles and Granites