Rooms, Dining Rooms and Studies

Sala Sánchez Devany

Sánchez Devany Room

This space was developed in collaboration with our commercial and corporate brand MEKZA ESTUDIO for a renowned law firm. We designed this room in imported upholstery using gray tones that contrast on diagonal walnut trim. For the coffee table we explore a composition with linear figures in black oak like bases and we chose black granite countertops. The result: a space that transmits seriousness and elegance with notes of art deco.

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Estudios Balcones

Balcony Studios

We carry out different studies for a house in Balcones de Juriquilla. For the main study, l The intention was to create an elegant environment, projecting power and harmony at the same time. The smoked glass that rests on the black oak desk adds a classic touch to the contemporary design of the study while the walnut bookcase creates a visual finish. For secondary studies we use American walnut wood with inked black oak contrasts, giving a sober and elegant style.

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